Jojo Diggs, born in Germany and raised in Virginia, representing Culture Shock, MOPTOP, and The Waackers.

Having traveled to 23 countries and trained in multiple styles of freestyle and studio choreography, Jojo Diggs brings unique flavor and perspective. With an undeniable presence in both the Freestyle and Choreography community, she leaves a permanent impact, a seed planted wherever she dances or teaches. This is why she has taught and choreographed in Europe for “So You Think You Can Dance,” assisted Michael Jackson’s choreographer, Travis Payne, on a 3 month musical in Japan, choreographed and freestyled for commercials and movies, and has judged, competed, and won battles all over the world.

Her passion for personal development through dance is persistent on all levels, including theater, the classroom and the cypher. With a unique blend of old school style and a present day groove, she creates a magical realm, a ‘presence’ where she gives others permission to be themselves.

Both the founder and CEO of Diggs Deeper, her focus and passion began and still exist in the underground of music, dance and culture. She is committed to full self-expression, execution of her principles, and being the leader of leader in her communities.