Founded in July of 2013, Diggs Deeper has paved the way for the dance community; an incredible event that is both authentically raw and intimate, and continues to exist powerfully beyond the dance event. It fuses cultures, and leaves people feeling reminded and healed.

Since its creation, it has traveled to 14 cities, and now currently functions consistently in 13, with 2 additional now hosting Kids Diggs Deeper a youth ran event to honor 17 years of age and under.

Having successfully held over 80 events in 3 years, Diggs Deeper continues its search to further impact the community, reaching out its arm past the dance communities, and into under-privileged, elder, academia, and non-dancer groups.

Typically in a low lighting setting, Diggs Deeper holds an intimate space for freestylers to come and share a piece, one by one, and have a discussion with a local pioneer. No video is allowed, so you must come witness it for yourself.

Diggs Deeper empowers artists to source their work from a truer, deeper part of themselves, it crosses over boundaries of cultures and concepts, and is building a family of thousands.