“Diggs Deeper has given the community a platform to connect and reach others on a deeper level than we normally would.  It allows dancers to really take a peek into each other’s hearts and souls through our display of art.  I love the non judgmental atmosphere, and I appreciate being given a chance to show what’s really inside of us.”

Queen Gab
Detroit Performer

“I am humbled, grateful and honored to have been asked by JoJo Diggs of DIGGS DEEPER to play a role in what has become a growing platform for communities from Dancer to non-dancer to come together preserving culture and maintaining one of the key forms of human contact, communication and tradition in a technological world, sharing knowledge as we used to do, “handed down” from/for generations living and to come.”


“I’ve been across the world, and danced with people in places I never thought I’d see and experience. Despite this, it’s very rare that I enjoy a dance event as much as I enjoy Diggs Deeper. Executing technique can be done anywhere in any studio across the globe, but to create a space where people feel safe enough to show you their soul through dance… that’s a rare gift indeed. Diggs Deeper has given me this gift quite a few times, and I’m a better dancer for it.”

Rob Cooney

“Diggs Deeper is an Amazing experience in general. Its not often that dancers get to perform in the company of other dancers and fellowship without the pressure of performance. It takes it back to a very real space of just dancing for the love of the art and freedom of expression. It’s beautiful.”

Brelin Andreus

“Diggs Deeper introduced me to dancers that I didn’t know existed. “

Brandee Stuart
Performer & Audience Member

“This has changed my life and impacted me in ways words cannot describe. I got so many contacts and amazing information to move forward in dancing. And to keep going. And never give up.”

Audience Member

“Diggs deeper provides a safe space for the dance community to build with one another without having to be in a competition or on a audition. No matter what style or background you come from everybody is equal. Las Vegas is frequent to new comers so to see people connect is a win for me. I feel that DD has made me step up my game as a event producer and bring my dance community together in so many ways a battle could not.”

MP Art
LV Diggs Deeper Project Manger